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Sugar Creek Chiquita

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Sugar Creek Chiquita

“Chica” as we call her, is our pick from a 2015 breeding of our Pinecoble Josephine to October Mountain River. That breeding brought the best remaining original Ryman bloodlines into our program through River with the help of the Weisse’s of October Setters. She is a heavily marked orange belton with a perpetually happy manner in the house. In the field, Chica demonstrates great athleticism, strong natural retrieving instinct, intensity on birds, and a lot of dash and spirit while working within a moderate range.

In her second year she has proven herself well on grouse and woodcock, retrieving graciously to hand and handling well with minimal direction. By her fourth season, she added bobwhite quail and wild pheasants, again, pointed and retrieved, to her portfolio of experiences. Click this link to see Chica's pedigree.

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