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Our Next Litter - Breeding Plans For 2024

We plan one litter in the 2024 calendar year, breeding our 3 year old, Sugar Creek Roxanne, to a great all around Classic Setters sire named Classic Fiona's October Beau. Our 2022 litter from Roxanne's mother Chica that was sired by Beau produced exceptional conformation across the whole litter, a nice spread of color and markings, good hips and bites, and solid early development in the field. We missed the opportunity to keep a dog from that litter, so are reserving a female pick from this up coming breeding. We already have some deposits on this litter in hand. Scroll down to learn a little more about Roxanne and Beau.


Sugar Creek Roxanne, whelped March 16, 2021, FDSB registration #1663830

Roxanne, right, with Chica,left.

Sugar Creek Roxanne is our pick from a March 2021 litter from Chica, our October/Pinecoble cross, and Classic Ruffed Grouse, another dog from from Classic Setters long history of excellent bird dogs. Like her littermates Roxanne has a little lighter build but has demonstrated great stamina, a very cooperative temperament and excellent pointing instincts and prey drive. In the field, Roxanne is a dog that always works comfortably with us, demonstrating moderate range and easy recall. It's easy to keep track of her, even in the densest grouse and woodcock covers. Backing and retrieving have come naturally without formal training efforts on our part. Her OFA evaluations for hips and elbows are "Excellent" and "Normal" respectively. You can see those results posted at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website at this OFA link. If you are one to catch the small details please note she was registered after her OFA application submittal. She weighs about 52 lbs.

Sugar Creek Roxanne Pedigree
Download PDF • 118KB


Classic Fiona's October Beau, whelped December 23, 2018, FDSB registration #1685093

Beau making magic, Fran Thompson photo

Going back to use Beau from Classic Setters as a sire again is an easy choice on many counts. Great conformation, track record of healthy pups, easy disposition, stamina, and intense, reliable points. Beau proves that "excellent all around bird dog" is not a meaningless platitude. He is very responsive to his handler, retrieves, works out front, has strong prey drive, an effortless gait and looks good doing it. Its thrilling to watch Beau work on the prairie, locking up in dramatic classic postures. Several other Ryman type setter breeders have joined us in choosing him as a sire. He is OFA "Good" and "Normal" with respect to hips and elbows respectively (OFA link here), and weighs about 65 lbs. You can see more photos of him and what his owners have to say about him by visiting this link to Classic Setters in Missouri.

Beau Pedigree
Download PDF • 390KB

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3 commentaires

15 mars

Love your site and all the beautiful setters! Thank you for your love and dedication to my favorite bread! Just lost my male and hoping to find another English Setter best friend!

Steve Goodrich

18 mars
En réponse à

Steve, please consider calling us to discuss your search. Evenings are best but any time is okay. 315.595.6617 JC Smith


24 févr.

Absolutely gorgeous setters !!

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