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The Drumming Log

Thanks for stopping to visit our blog. Here we will post observations on bird dog training and health, plans for upcoming litters, hunting and the like. We may have other posts, inspired by life in the Finger Lakes, that may be of interest to bird dog, outdoor/rural, or conservation minded folk. 

By the way, thanks to our friend Robert Cook of Robert F. Cook Photography  for generously allowing us to use this great photograph of a male ruffed grouse in action on his drumming log. Ruffed grouse use their drumming log as a place from which to make special announcements. You can't always predict when they show up, but they will from time to time, and when they do, they will have something of some consequence or value to share with their intended audience. Hey, that sounds a lot like what we want to accomplish. Let's hope the grouse don't mind us stealing a good idea.




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