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"Burdock" available from our Chica x Trooper litter

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

"Burdock" has been placed. Thanks to everyone who took time to look at this post, and for inquiries we received on this pup and the litter in general.

This is a pup we are calling Burdock. He is nearly 10 weeks old as of March 5. Burdock has full tan/orange patches on both ears and will be evenly and very amply marked all over with orange ticking as an adult. Like all his littermates, Burdock did not present any issues at his veterinary examination, and is proven to hear in both ears as a function of his BAER test. This pup is available to a good home. Until then, we are managing him as if he is going to stay, with lots of socialization and proper introduction to all sorts of age appropriate experiences. We are very pleased with how uniform this litter turned out in terms of temperament and appearance. Burdock is a great opportunity for someone looking for a Ryman type English Setter. Enjoy these pictures and short videos.

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