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Sugar Creek English Setters

Welcome to Sugar Creek English Setters. We are a small scale breeder in New York’s Finger Lakes Region devoted to a style of English Setter often characterized as Ryman type, or dual style. The combination of athleticism, natural pointing instinct, conformation and biddable temperment set Rymans apart from other types within the English Setter breed. Rymans are reliable retreivers and  particularly good choice for hunters who train their own dogs. When not hunting, they make excellent family companions.  This type  originated with George Ryman's program in Pennsylvania in the early 20th century. While traditionally identified with grouse and woodcock hunting in the northeast states, many Ryman types including our own have proven effective hunting wild birds in the prairies, great plains and mountains of the western states too. 



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English Setter Dog Breeding

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JC and Gail have been involved in raising, training and living with dogs in various ways since childhood...



Check out some of our dogs, past and present, plus photos of interesting places and activities. 



Contact us with any questions you have concerning Sugar Creek English Setters. We're here to help!

Sugar Creek English Setters

375 West Lake Rd,
Branchport, NY 14418

Tel: 315-595-6617


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